Visualize Your Way to Deeper Connection With Your Child

Most of us who are walking the path of spirit, or at least making the attempt daily, recognize that our thoughts and words have tremendous power to drive our reality. The Marquee Meditation is just one tool in the Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention toolbox and is based on the thought/word creation premise.

This information is nothing new. We have heard the concept hundreds of times in hundreds of ways. Scientific proof has surfaced to support the healing impacts of visualization. My gift has been to take these tried and true spiritual and scientific concepts and translate the philosophical into reality…for quick results!

Here’s the basic idea:

We can be pretty good at projecting a positive body language and holding our tongues when we are working with and love a child on the spectrum. We strive to be encouraging and we work to avoid showing frustration.

But consider this: Our thoughts run like a marquee across our forehead for all to see. To top it off, individuals on the spectrum, children, and adults, are highly intuitive and most often can read our thought marquee. Knowing this makes this question quite profound.

What is your marquee saying?

Are your thoughts saying,

“How will I prevent the next tantrum? Will he ever go to college? Am I a failure as a parent? How chaotic will my classroom be today?”

Often, in an attempt to problem solve, our thought marquee can inadvertently and energetically support the very behavior and chaotic environment we desire to heal.

During the marquee meditation, we learn to run new thoughts in the presence of the child in our care. At home, in school and in the therapeutic setting, when we shift our thoughts to visualizing a child in the best possible light, setting aside our expectations, we lay the foundation for our mind/body interventions to be accepted and ultimately successful.

Check out the video. Don’t believe me. Just try it. It’s a DO NO HARM tool. You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracles!

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