Nurturing Parents and Educators of Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Nurturing Parents and Heal Longing, Foreboding and Fear   Why do we suffer and experience pain when there is a longing in most people to live in harmony, peace, and compassion?  Why do we experience a sense of unease, longing, foreboding and fear? Healing these reactions is one effective way to nurturing parents and educators. … Continued

Autism Awareness Month Guided Spirit Meditation

April has been designated as National Autism Awareness Month. So what does Autism Awareness mean to you? For all of us, Autism Awareness will mean something different. And that’s really how Autism Spiritual Approach evolved. It’s only through tapping into our own inner wisdom that we can discover what autism means in our own lives … Continued

Sandra’s Autism Blog

  Read blog posts now My name is Sandra Alexander. I am the author of Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention and the corresponding guidebook, Children of the Cosmos.Thank you for taking then time to visit my blog. Sign up for FREE book excerpts and contact me directly through our welcoming Experience and Explore website. … Continued