Autism: Planting the Seeds of Spirit

  I love morning glories. They represent life to me, opening in the morning and closing at night. So I planted morning glory seeds in my garden this spring, imagining the beautiful twisting vines bursting with the beautiful, blue uniquely shaped blossoms. The vines grew but even up to yesterday, no flowers. And fall is … Continued

Autism, Love and Positive Energy: How to Stay Afloat

We hear a lot about how positive energy can assist us at home and in the classroom. If we keep our own vibration high, everyone one around us, especially kids living on the autism spectrum, feel the good vibration and feel better. Are more open to our love and guidance. But how do we define … Continued

Autism Spiritual Approach: Time for Miraculous Results

  Autism Spiritual Approach® : Probably NOT What You Think! The timing is great to share what Autism Spiritual Approach is, and just as important, what it is not. It’s Back to School time and it’s our mission to make your life easier. Teachers. Parents. Therapists. Providers. Sound ok so far? Autism Spiritual Approach is … Continued

Autism and Sound Therapy: Use Your Voice as a Calming Tool

  I learned something so valuable from my friend and sound therapists Elizabeth Huxtable—a sound therapy tool that we now use as part of Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention. And you have this tool with you all the time. At home. In the classroom. In the therapeutic setting. It’s your voice! At a moment’s … Continued