Take The Spirit Temperament Test: Calm Autism Behavior Tips

On a regular basis, as parents, educators, and providers of kids on the autism spectrum, we need to examine their own energy balance and tend to self-care.

That’s easier said than done when we can feel so overwhelmed and tired. How can we even consider self-care when self-care feels like just one more thing to add to an over-full plate.

That’s why taking the Spirit Temperament Test can make it easy and fun to shore up our own energy, well-being, and connection to our child. There are nine Spirit Temperaments. When you discover your own Spirit Temperament and your child’s, too, you will gain insight into simple, tiny changes you can make that can bring big rewards in how you feel and how your child responds to you.

Here’s a Spirit Temperament tip you can take away and try right away. Then, if it feels good to you, you can have some fun by taking the test and gather even more tools.

Here we go: Different Spirit Temperaments carry different paces. Some of us get energized by go, go, go–others by moving more slowly and smelling the roses. One of the easiest ways to connect with a child on the spectrum is to carefully observe his pace and then match his pace, letting go of our own pace needs. It’s easy to unconsciously bring a child along at our pace, not realizing that this creates disconnection and tantrums. So simple, yet it really works!

Watch the video and learn more about the connection through Spirit Temperament.

Then, Take the Test

Try it. You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracles!

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