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My name is Sandra Alexander. I am the author of Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention and the corresponding guidebook, Children of the Cosmos.Thank you for taking then time to visit my blog.

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It is my heart’s desire that I can share the Autism Spiritual Approach tools with you here, bringing peace, joy and connection for you and a child you love living on the autism spectrum.

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Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Autism Spiritual Approach

My goal for each blog post is to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Autism: The Spiritual Approach to intervention. I will share what I have learned directly from the beautiful children. I will share what I have learned from you, their parents and providers. I will bring in colleagues to provide a variety of perspectives so that you can pick and choose the tools that your own intuition tells you to bring into your life.

Please let us know through your comments how we can continue to present topics of value and the guidance that you need to feel supported and your own inner wisdom valued.

Love and blessings, Sandra

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