Nurturing Parents and Educators of Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Nurturing Parents and Heal Longing, Foreboding and Fear  

Why do we suffer and experience pain when there is a longing in most people to live in harmony, peace, and compassion?  Why do we experience a sense of unease, longing, foreboding and fear? Healing these reactions is one effective way to nurturing parents and educators.

We all carry scars of our growing up but many of these pains are carried through from generations before us. Some of the feelings and anxieties resonate as a sense that makes no sense – those hovering feelings that seem to overwhelm us with a deep sense of being unsettled with no direct connection to their origin. When we go about the business of nurturing parents and educators of kids on the autism spectrum, we create a healing environment for the children, too.

There is a way out of this depleting cycle of pain and suffering – a way that we can transcend the experience and help us to find our inner state of calm and peace. This process is just one example of how other professionals are supporting Autism: The Spiritual Approach.

Elevate: A Six Step Process to Self-Nurturing

This six-step process was developed by Joy Truscott and is designed to help quickly move one from suffering to higher awareness. This Mindful process is the key to help us to step out of the repetitious patterns.  We are the gift that can make a difference in this life experience and we hold the key to unlock doors to cross the bridge to new thinking and awareness.

During this Life Journey, we will connect and sometimes collide with others in a myriad of ways.  Each time our path intersects with another we may find ourselves drawn into an exchange that may surprise or delight us, sometimes slipping into automatic reactions where our responses sound more like the words or warmings of our parents or grandparents.  These patterns and structures that have become locked into our psyche just seem to step out of the shadows and take hold of the situation, regardless of our best intentions to stay neutral, loving or supportive.

Break Old Patterns and Feel Better

Rigid patterns that repeat in seemingly endless cycles become the stranglehold that keeps us captive and hijacks our ability to meet challenges in new mindful ways.

In 6 steps we can begin to understand that we are uniquely connected and our lives and experiences are interwoven, one into the other, like a great tapestry. There is a purpose to our hardship and suffering.  When we elevate out of our base viewpoint we step into our Higher Awareness and it is from this perspective that we can offer a gift of release, forgiveness, and Love to all Beings on this Life Journey. Conscious, mindful living is the greatest gift and legacy we can leave for generations to follow.

The way we interpret and resolve our pain directly affects us all.  My pain is your pain.  My healing is our healing.

A Guest Blog by Joy Truscott, Soul Awakening SA


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