Learn How to Trust Your Intuition With The Spiritual Approach to Autism

I am frequently asked why this 4-step process is called Autism:The Spiritual Approach. There are many ways to answer this question, but for a moment, let’s talk about intuition.

For parents and for educators and providers, there is a continual mountain of information and recommendations on how to provide interventions for children on the autism spectrum. It is not my intention, or do I feel it my role, to support or dispute any of these suggestions or to speak to the validity of any theory or intervention.

The gift I have been given is to provide a way for any parent or provider to inject their own intuition and spirit into whatever interventions are being provided to the child in their care. And certainly, honing the intuition and spirit piece can make it far easier for us to choose the interventions that are best for our child. In other words, we can alleviate much of the chaos and frustration we experience while trying to make the right choices for our children on the autism spectrum by injecting spirit into the mind-body interventions we are being offered.

In her book, Awakened by Autism, Hay House author Andrea Libutti, M.D, and the mom of a child diagnosed on the spectrum writes a chapter in her book entitled, Belief Trumps Everything. More and more parents and professionals are discovering that intuition/spirit is the missing piece. It’s when we add the spirit piece to mainstream and alternative therapies that we can achieve our desired results.

We all have intuition! Remember a time when we pick up the phone to call a friend, only to discover that she needed us at that exact time. How clear our intuition is and how regularly we are connected to it depends on how effectively we nurture it. But when chaos reigns and life never slows down, intuition is more often blocked than not.

Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention offers the how. 4 steps and tools within those steps to help us shore up our intuition and inject spirit in all that we do. It’s fun. It’s easy. It works.

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I recently had the opportunity to talk about Autism: The Spiritual Approach with Mari Porter on Dare to Be Authentic Radio. I define authenticity as leading with our intuition. With heart and soul. Listen in and see how it feels to you. Try one or two of the tools we talk about on the show. Have fun. Expect good things.

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