Don’t Work So Hard and Watch Your Dreams Come True: Here’s How

Have you noticed how our own high expectations and society’s pressures can cause us to work, work, and work some more? We are tending to work our way right out of our dream come true! Of course, we need to perform certain actions in the physical. But the concept that we need to work harder and harder for what we want and need in life tends to bring us two things—constant worry and total exhaustion.

So why does it seem that the harder we work the further behind we get? In finances. In family. In relationship. That’s because the miraculous amazing stuff that happens and the dreams that are realized don’t come from the physical. They come from a very sacred space.

I am writing this tip in a general way today. Because even though this truth really helps us in our work and play with children living on the autism spectrum, the idea of slowing it down and letting go can help us all, at home, in the classroom, and in any work environment. Don’t work so hard and let your dreams come true. Here’s how.

Slow Down, Let Go and Watch It Happen

With the spiritual approach to autism or to everything else, I always share not just a concept, but the answer to the questions HOW? Here’s a great activity recommended by a spiritual teacher/messenger Esther Hicks. I use it myself every day. It’s sooo darn simple:

Each morning before you start running your to-do list over and over in your head, take out a piece of paper and pen. Divide the paper into two columns. In column one, write the tasks that you intend to accomplish in the physical that day. In column two, write the tasks that you plan to leave to a higher power. The angels. The universe. God. The light.

This daily planning activity helps us distinguish between what we need to do in the physical right now to bring joy and order into our lives from the worries and concerns that we can let go of—the big stuff that we can leave for now.

It can take a little practice to sift through the tasks that we can let go of and ones that we need to perform. Often, we find ourselves moving tasks from column one to column two as time goes on—a slow letting go. Obviously, you say, we can’t ask the angels to clean our house. Or can we? When we put a clean house in the angel column, we might be surprised how a clean house with little or no effort materializes. Perhaps the funds show up and you can hire someone to clean. Perhaps you begin the cleaning and find that you get done in one hour what would normally take you all day. See what I mean? When we keep the request as general as possible, we leave room for what we want and need to come to us in ways we could never imagine.

Life has become overwhelming for many of us. Why do we forget how much help there is out there for us? Because we are human, that’s why. Because working ourselves to distraction has become some sort of badge of honor in our society. For me, this two column activity is a great daily reminder—I am never alone.  All the help we need is always there. We need only ask.

Try it. You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracles!



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