Autism and Supporting the Non-Verbal Child

Autism and the Non-Verbal 

“When you have a non-verbal child, you must become a non-verbal parent.”

I love this quote from parent Caroline Coleman, Cornwall, England talking about her own journey with her now 30-year-old son. Caroline also adheres to the less is more concept in communication. Within the 4-steps of Autism The Spiritual Approach to Intervention, our tools are ideal for parents, educators, and therapists who strive to reach a non-verbal child living on the autism spectrum. Because let’s face it—we must reach a non-verbal child before we can guide him toward a healthy way of functioning and interacting in the world and all that entails.

More Than Body Language

Children on the spectrum have an astute sense of what is going on around them. They are living in a higher, cleaner energy. Yes, we can read his body language. But once that body language is telling us he is distraught, the negative process that has already occurred can be hard to reverse. The only way we can sync up with an intuitive child’s energy is to rise to it. Even making the effort to shift just a little in a child’s energetic direction is felt by him and he will respond favorably, knowing you are trying to reach him in a new way. But how? That’s a good question. Try these simple tools.

Practical Tools: Develop a Psychic Connection with a Non-Verbal Child on the Autism Spectrum

Is developing a psychic connection with a child in your care about mind reading? Not really. But it is about cultivating your ability to sense what a child feels, thinks and needs. In a recent interview on Autism Spiritual Approach Radio, Caroline Coleman talks about her own process as her non-verbal child Kyle motivated her to shift her consciousness. Once she did, she could reach the same energetic level as Kyle. Their journey together since has been one of understanding and clarity of communication. Over the years, together they developed the Connections through Music Program.


Try these three simple exercises to begin your own process of raising and cleaning up your energy vibration and sync up with your child’s higher energy vibration.

  1. Eat cleaner, healthier foods. Avoid TV violence and disturbing news programs. Turn off electronics all together for long periods of time. In order to tune into our intuition and raise our energy vibration, we need to silence the environment. The channels that our kids are trying to communicate through are often drown out by the noise in our environment and in our heads. Digesting heavy foods is a noisy, energy draining process, too. Quiet the environment, quiet the mind and be amazed how much you can feel and sense about a child in your care. Try this even when the child isn’t around you. Very small changes can create big results.
  2. Be an acute observer. Watch as the child goes about his day. Watch like you’ve never watched before. Take note of what you see. Find small ways to mirror the child, even if his movement is as small as drawing an imaginary circle in the air. He draws. You wait a few seconds. Then, you draw. This sort of exchange of body movement, facial expression, etc. creates a non-verbal conversation. Note that this is different from imitation. When we leave a split second between the child’s action and our own, an actual interaction is taking place.
  3. Take a walk in your imagination to where your child lives much of the time. We call this the bridge meditation. Watch the bridge meditation video here. When we close our eyes and walk across an imaginary bridge, we are taking the first step toward discovering the energy where a child hangs out much of the time. When we take this step, the deeply intuitive child senses our willingness to explore who he really is and what makes him happy. Believe what you see during this imaginary walk because in truth, there is nothing imaginary about it. During this visualization, we are actually shifting our energy vibration and moving closer to the child. Doesn’t it feel so good to be closer to him? Imagine how good it feels for him, feeling someone who cares coming to energetically play in the space where he feels most at home.

Not Just About Autism

It’s important to note that when we focus on elevating our own energy, perspective, and consciousness, we impact the collective energy. Others around us change with us… strangers, friends and family members alike. Even the slightest shift makes a difference for others. Caroline Coleman took an important step when she explained that she sees her non-verbal son Kyle as her teacher. He arrived in her life to force her to more fully connect with her own inner non-verbal, non-physical life. That’s why Autism Spiritual Approach was created. Enjoy the simple to use tools on our welcoming website, many at no cost.

Try it.You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracle

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