Autism Spiritual Approach: Time for Miraculous Results


Autism Spiritual Approach® : Probably NOT What You Think!

The timing is great to share what Autism Spiritual Approach is, and just as important, what it is not. It’s Back to School time and it’s our mission to make your life easier. Teachers. Parents. Therapists. Providers. Sound ok so far?

Autism Spiritual Approach is not just one more thing to do. It is not one more new-fangled intervention among the ever growing number of interventions out there.

Autism Spiritual Approach is a 4-step process with tools within each step. It’s being used all over the world now. So no matter what interventions you currently use, whatever protocol you follow, and whatever regulatory restrictions you are working within, Autism Spiritual Approach is a way to show up with kids on the spectrum differently. The tools we use provide you a way to just slightly tweak HOW you are doing what you’re already doing. This approach was designed for YOU! The dear people who love and so desire to reach a child living on the spectrum.

Across the globe, we are finding immediate, miraculous results just by shifting our perspective in HOW we work with the interventions we already have.

Here’s Why Autism Spiritual Approach Works

Even though I am the original author of this process and the tools, guess who we learned the most from. The kids! Out in the field, we continue to add fun new ways to use Autism Spiritual Approach and interact with kids by being more connected to them. And when we are more connected to a child, he or she feels more connected to us. The child’s progress response has been mind boggling!

Below are some 3 great links to get you started in living and working in this new school year in a whole different way. You’ll note the links will lead you to many of our Autism Spiritual Approach providers using our autism spirit power tools all over the world. You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracles!

How we can use our own voice as a calming tool and teach a child by example how to do this, too.

How we can be more conscious of children as our teachers.

Two doctors’ favorite autism spirit tools…advice from doctors who are also parents of kids on the spectrum

Wishing you a miraculous year filled with miracles and wonders!


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