Autism Spiritual Approach: Help Kids Feel Safe and Understood

There is a very simple premise behind Autism Spiritual ApproachHere it is:

When we meet a child where he is, whether he has been diagnosed on the spectrum or whether he is simply exhibiting signs of being absent and disconnected, he feels safe with us and understood. And when he feels safe and understood, he begins to open to connecting to us and responding on our interventions.

Is this the first time you’ve heard this? Of course not. But what we have managed to accomplish with Autism Spiritual Approach is creating a set of practical tools that allow us to push past theory and make this amazing connection happen.

Every Child Is In a Different Place

Often, we can think meeting a child where he is like finding a needle in a haystack. But with the right perspective and by talking simple actions, we can discover so much about what a child, especially the non-verbal child, wants us to know.

What can be better than knowing we can make another human being feel safe and understood? Once we cultivate our desire to do just that, we find ourselves walking through our whole life in a different way. But how?

Try This Simple 2 Minute Visual

When we want to get deep sense of how a child feels, and most importantly, what he needs, take just a quiet 2 minutes when he is not around and visualize a bridge. Imagine that you are crossing a bridge to meet him. In your imagination, does he show up on the bridge? Does he speak to you? He may be non-verbal in life but often non-verbal children will speak to us in the bridge space. Does he show up at all? Notice what appears in your imagination and believe what you see. You can watch this video for more about the bridge visual.

Then, take this 3 minute experience back to your relationship with the child. On your end, act on what you saw and heard over that bridge. You may have information now about the child’s needs, what makes him fearful and what makes him comfortable. But what if you didn’t see or even feel him in your trip over the bridge? Remember that this doesn’t mean that he wasn’t there with you. What we find is that the child will feel your effort whether you perceive the newfound connection with him or not. He will feel a newfound safety, love and connection with you simply because you have made the effort to enter his world. In doing this, we also drop the need in us to drag a child into our world before he is ready at a rate of speed he simply can’t handle.

The Spiritual Approach to Everything

Not only does this simple process work with children on the autism spectrum, but once we get in the habit of doing this quick and easy visual, we can begin to walk through life in a natural state of connection and understanding. The wonderful fact is that we can’t possible take this step into a new level of conscious living without having a positive impact on everyone around us. Try it. You’ll love how it works. You’ll love how it feels even more. Expect miracles!



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