Autism Spirit: How to Stay Positive When It’s Not Easy


We hear it all the time. We need to see the positive in life. We need to see the strengths in our children. We need to hold a calm energy so that calm energy can help calm the child in our care. Take care of yourself so that you can better care for others. Great advice and it works. But HOW to stay positive when it’s not easy? That’s the key. These states of mind do not always come naturally. We are exposed to so much negative energy all the time. We want to stay centered. We want to stay in autism spirit. But HOW?

An Autism Spirit Power Tool to Help Us Stay Positive: The 30 Second Visual

A concern I hear over and over again from teachers, providers and parents, and my experience too, is that we don’t have enough time. There’s no time to spend with our kids individually, with our loved ones, time for ourselves to energize with a vacation at the beach. We wait for the extra time to appear but it rarely does. But consider this.

It is proven that when we visualize something, we have the same body responses as when we experience that same thing in the physical. For example, when we have a nightmare, we wake with adrenalin flowing, our body reacting just as if the dream wasn’t a dream at all. We can use this visualization concept in reverse. Try it. Close our eyes and visualize a 30 second vacation at the beach, or a 30 second connection with a loved one, even when we are at a distance. Of course, this does not replace a physical connection completely, or a tropical vacation, but taking this 30 seconds when a longer time investment is not immediately available can rejuvenate us and help the children in our care feel more loved and connected.

Try it. You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracles.




2 responses to “Autism Spirit: How to Stay Positive When It’s Not Easy

  1. Sandra
    This is just what I needed this morning. Thanks for the reminder of how to stay calm. I am working one-on-one in a summer camp for DPS with a 9 year old autistic girl. The other day she did some crazy things in the bathroom and I almost lost my cool. I maintained on the outside, but on the inside I was a mess. I need to remember this technique every day.

    1. So pleased, Michelle and good for you for making the huge effort it can take to take the high road! Wishing you a blessed and peaceful week!

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