Autism: Planting the Seeds of Spirit


I love morning glories. They represent life to me, opening in the morning and closing at night. So I planted morning glory seeds in my garden this spring, imagining the beautiful twisting vines bursting with the beautiful, blue uniquely shaped blossoms.

The vines grew but even up to yesterday, no flowers. And fall is nearly here. Buds came and went but not one of them flowered for me. By mid-summer, I pretty much gave up on my morning glory dream. So I planted more seeds, a mixture of wild flowers and they grew, thrived and blossomed. I had my flower garden, but not at all what I expected. Still, I appreciated its beauty all the same.

Well, this morning, as I went about my routine of watering, feeding and talking sweetly to my lovely flower garden, I spotted them. Three perfect morning glories had arrived, bursting out among all the other blooms.

This is a perfect metaphor about how we approach autism spiritual interventions. With each child, we plant the seeds of love, acceptance and emotional safety. If we are looking for a particular result—if we are holding our breath in anticipation of how we want a child to blossom, we can sit in disappointment for a very long time. Of course, he feels our disappointment and disconnects further. But when we let go of how we think he’s supposed to be, and keep planting seeds and let it be, he will blossom into who he is a feel that we get him. And one day, when we forget about it and when we least expect it, what we had hoped for him all along is likely to show up and surprise us.

My message this morning and our message in loving and working with children living on the autism spectrum: Accompany each child on his or her own unique journey with love and acceptance, plant the seeds, and cultivate connection.

But how? How do we let go of what we so deeply want for a child without feeling like we are giving up on him? It’s a quandary. That’s why we created autism spiritual approach power tools. These are practical spiritual ways to allow without giving up.

Here’s just one tool. The metaphysical conversation. Try it. Expect miracles!



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