Autism, Love and Positive Energy: How to Stay Afloat

We hear a lot about how positive energy can assist us at home and in the classroom. If we keep our own vibration high, everyone one around us, especially kids living on the autism spectrum, feel the good vibration and feel better. Are more open to our love and guidance. But how do we define positive energy and a high vibration? I heard an explanation from spiritual teacher Esther Hicks recently that helps me keep my energy vibration higher every day. Finally! An explanation I could actually understand and use effectively.

Here’s the truth of it:

Our energy and vibration are naturally positive. Naturally in a high state. Our true, inner self takes care of us morning, noon and night. It’s what we do to our own energy and vibration that messes us up. Imagine your high vibration as a floating raft. We don’t need to talk a raft into floating. It just floats, right? The raft represents our beautiful, high vibration and perfect consciousness. We just naturally float!

So what happens? Why aren’t we floating all the time? Effected by day-to-day life and our own human vulnerability, we tie little anchors onto our perfectly floating raft, and often let others tie their anchors on, too. Think for a moment. What are your anchors? Fear? Self-judgement? Frustration? Impatience? Outside pressures? Negative, angry people who trigger us?

When we walk through each day, and feel those not so good feelings moving in, we can stay afloat, so to speak, by deciding that nothing is worth getting anchored down. Because when we get anchored down, even just a little, we lose our consciousness and carry a lower, negative vibration. In that lowered state, it is impossible for us to be a healing, loving, positive force for others, especially the children in our care who are so sensitive to the energy we are putting out.

OK. So now what? When we know we are in danger of getting anchored down by my own or another’s negativity, what can we do? We do something that makes us happy. It really is simple to turn a reaction into a short hesitation filled with good. An uplifting song lyric, a favorite mantra or quote. Even a soft fuzzy 5 second visual. It’s that simple. Choose any spirit tool that takes you from zero to happy in 4.5 seconds! Our autism spiritual website is chock full of tools. Just pick one and go for it! And all I can say is:

Try it. You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracles!



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