Autism and Back to School: Mixed Feelings For Teachers, Parents and Providers

Some schools are open year round, but most teachers’, therapists’, parents’, and providers’ lives change from summer to fall. Even in year-round school scenarios, learning and curriculum most often go through a transition during back to school time.

Back to school, like the opening of a new year, brings the promise of new beginnings, new relationships, and new opportunities. But all the new can represent big changes, too. The anticipation of change and facing the unknown can bring mixed feelings, stress, anxiety, and lots of questions for all concerned.

Will this year bring positive changes or new challenges? In my experience, probably both. That’s the nature loving and caring for our children. But as with any challenge, when we inject spirit, we can shift the energy and face any challenge with a whole new perspective. We can create something different. Here is one simple Autism Spiritual Approach Power Tool to help us start back to school time with positivity and sparkle from the very first day.

Leave Your Troubles at the Door: A Practical Tool

Since you are interesting in Autism Spirit then you certainly know a little about energy. The energy we bring into a child’s day, as a teacher in the classroom, as a therapist, or as a parent sending a child off to school for the day, fills the child’s environment right off the bat. All children and adults, but in particular, the sensitive kids who live on the autism spectrum, pick up on us in a big way. This quick, “leave your troubles at the door” tool will ensure that the child or children in our care start their day feeling less anxious and less reactive as a result of the positive influences you bring.

Here’s how it works: Choose a favorite necklace, chain, ring, bracelet or other favorite object. Allow this piece of jewelry or object to represent what you are leaving at the door—Imagine injecting the object with all you worry, with the energy of an argument you had from the day before, of with the energy of self-criticism that follows you around. Tack a nail outside the classroom and hang that piece of jewelry there, literally leaving your troubles at the door. For parents, a nail inside your front door at home is a logical place where you can hang your troubles before leaving the house in the morning.

Be creative. Use your own intuition and make up your own version of this energy shifting tool. Create a child version to help your child leave worries behind, too.

This simple “leave your troubles at the door” tool works like magic. It provides a simple, conscious way to begin each day of this new school year in a peaceful place. And there is no denying that when we deliberately deliver our own peaceful, positive energy into the environment of children in your care, the impact is measurable. Often astounding!

Like the idea? We have devised a 4-step process filled with power tools just for you. You can sign up for FREE tips, and fill your tool box with autism spirit power tools and start this school year inspired.

Try it. You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracles!

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  1. Great idea – just a moment to shift awareness and become more mindful of what it is that we carry around with us. Just a moment to consider a change. Love it!

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