Autism Awareness Month Guided Spirit Meditation

April has been designated as National Autism Awareness Month. So what does Autism Awareness mean to you? For all of us, Autism Awareness will mean something different. And that’s really how Autism Spiritual Approach evolved. It’s only through tapping into our own inner wisdom that we can discover what autism means in our own lives and in the lives of the children we love living on the spectrum.

Great Reasons to Support Autism Awareness

Misconception runs rampant in the community about the challenges faced by children on the spectrum and their families, educators and providers. This month, we have a focused opportunity to shine a light on the gifts, talents and mind-blowing contributions of children and adults on the spectrum. We can also gather new tools and insights how to support these gifts and at the same time, make a child’s world a calmer, safer place for him to thrive.

The very existence of autism calls upon us to “clean up our environmental, emotional and spiritual act.” Our highly sensitive children are showing us how profoundly all of us are being impacted by the overstimulation and toxicity around us, even though most of us do not react as intensely as they often do.

Children diagnosed on the autism spectrum and those yet to be diagnosed, motivate us—parents, educators, therapists and other providers to elevate our limited view of any aspect of life and tend to our own spiritual growth and inner knowing. When we do this simply because of how much we love a child, we change and the child changes in response. As we respond and elevate, others around us are uplifted, too. I love the quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

“When we change the way we look at something, that something changes.”

When we apply this concept to autism awareness, we can change the life of a child on the spectrum if we look at the life of that child differently.

Light It Up Blue

“Light it up blue,” recommends Autism Speaks. Blue ribbons, blue balloons, blue lights, blue face paint. Blue Facebook profile picture backdrops. Blue T-shirts. Take your pick and get creative. But when we do the blue this month, what are we trying to say exactly? It’s important, from the Autism Spiritual Approach perspective, that when we do something in the physical, we also inject spirit, and hold the consciousness of our deepest desire in that moment of action.

Let’s hold that consciousness together month. Together, when we do the blue, together we can do spirit, too. Visualize in heart and mind how autism would look and what autism would mean to us if we all learned to embrace, appreciate and nurture the exceptional gifts our children living on the autism spectrum offer us.

Autism Awareness Guided Meditation

Try it with me now with my Autism Awareness guided meditation video. Better yet. Let’s take this meditation viral! As each of us visualizes children and adults in the spectrum in a new way, the space between us closes. We build a bridge, not just between us and a loved one on the spectrum, but a bridge between all of us. A bridge constructed of love, acceptance, compassion and connection. And what could be better than that?

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