Autism, Autistic, and Other Labels: Words Matter

Let’s talk about autism, autistic, and other labels. Words Matter.It’s been an ongoing issue. The use of autism, autistic and other labels inappropriately. People who live in the world of autism and those who don’t use a variety of labels without thinking and without feeling. We know we need to stop and think before we talk before we tweet before we offer an opinion. Even before we intervene with a child. Yet in the moment, sometimes heated, sometimes unthinking, we speak, we write, we tweet, we intervene anyway. Quite the conflict arose just this weekend as a result of a spontaneous comment by Julian Assange, the publisher at Wiki Leaks. As a result, a chain of negativity on Twitter ensued.

In Autism: The Spiritual Approach, we have created tools that allow us to inject spirit into our typical mind/body reactions. We use these tools daily as teachers, therapists and parents to help us make space for light and love to enter all of our interactions with children living on what we call the autism spectrum. So why not apply the same tools to inject spirit into our interactions with one another?

Stop, Drop and Roll

We have heard the expression stop, drop and roll before. It’s what we are instructed to do when we catch fire, literally. Well, in Autism: The Spiritual Approach, we use this principle to inject spirit into the moment. Whenever we are compelled to do or say something, unless it is an emergency that requires immediate attention we stop, drop the need to be right, and roll all our energy into waiting instead. Whether we wait for a few seconds, a few minutes or a few days to express ourselves or implement a solution depends on the situation and on our own intuitive judgment. But here’s the thing…while we are waiting, we are allowing spirit, wisdom, and self-discipline to flow into the situation. We invite our own intuition to receive the right answers. Words matter.

Watch this short video that will help you implement STOP, DROP and ROLL into every area of life. You’ll love how it feels, you’ll love how it works. Expect miracles.

It’s only when we act, speak or tweet in haste that we start or participate in a steady flow of negativity and reactivity. Yes, most often, something must be said or done. Whether in our intervention with a child or when people out there are making comments using the words autism and other labels disrespectfully. But it’s only our ego reactivity that says we have to act or respond now. Our spirit knows that it is a measured response is what will produce the results we truly seek. Understanding, connection, and healing. Words matter.

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