Autism: Planting the Seeds of Spirit

  I love morning glories. They represent life to me, opening in the morning and closing at night. So I planted morning glory seeds in my garden this spring, imagining the beautiful twisting vines bursting with the beautiful, blue uniquely shaped blossoms. The vines grew but even up to yesterday, no flowers. And fall is … Continued

Autism, Love and Positive Energy: How to Stay Afloat

We hear a lot about how positive energy can assist us at home and in the classroom. If we keep our own vibration high, everyone one around us, especially kids living on the autism spectrum, feel the good vibration and feel better. Are more open to our love and guidance. But how do we define … Continued

Autism Spiritual Approach: Time for Miraculous Results

  Autism Spiritual Approach® : Probably NOT What You Think! The timing is great to share what Autism Spiritual Approach is, and just as important, what it is not. It’s Back to School time and it’s our mission to make your life easier. Teachers. Parents. Therapists. Providers. Sound ok so far? Autism Spiritual Approach is … Continued

Autism and Sound Therapy: Use Your Voice as a Calming Tool

  I learned something so valuable from my friend and sound therapists Elizabeth Huxtable—a sound therapy tool that we now use as part of Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention. And you have this tool with you all the time. At home. In the classroom. In the therapeutic setting. It’s your voice! At a moment’s … Continued

Autism and Meditation: Thirty Seconds to Wisdom and Connection

There are few tools more effective or more useful in achieving deep knowing & inner peace than daily meditation. ~Neale Donald Walsch This simple quote from Neale Donald Walsch brings to mind the great benefits we can achieve from meditation and the hidden surprising link between autism and meditation. As educators, providers and parents, we’ve … Continued

Autism, Autistic, and Other Labels: Words Matter

Let’s talk about autism, autistic, and other labels. Words Matter.It’s been an ongoing issue. The use of autism, autistic and other labels inappropriately. People who live in the world of autism and those who don’t use a variety of labels without thinking and without feeling. We know we need to stop and think before we talk before … Continued

Isabelle Rapin: A Continued Influence on Autism

  Dr. Isabelle Rapin, a continued influence on autism and a renowned teacher, passed away this week at the age of 89. Dr. Isabelle Rapin often expressed that the favorite part of her work was her joy in teaching. She is well known for bringing the concept of autism to the forefront when autism was not … Continued

Autism Self-Care: Making The Most of Summertime Energy

Welcome to Summertime! For parents, educators, and providers working with children on the autism spectrum, summer can become the best time for autism self-care. Sometimes, educators and providers have a summer vacation. Others work year round. Sometimes, parents become full-time primary caregivers for their children on the autism spectrum during the summer. No matter how … Continued

Nurturing Parents and Educators of Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Nurturing Parents and Heal Longing, Foreboding and Fear   Why do we suffer and experience pain when there is a longing in most people to live in harmony, peace, and compassion?  Why do we experience a sense of unease, longing, foreboding and fear? Healing these reactions is one effective way to nurturing parents and educators. … Continued

Autism and Supporting the Non-Verbal Child

Autism and the Non-Verbal  “When you have a non-verbal child, you must become a non-verbal parent.” I love this quote from parent Caroline Coleman, Cornwall, England talking about her own journey with her now 30-year-old son. Caroline also adheres to the less is more concept in communication. Within the 4-steps of Autism The Spiritual Approach … Continued

Reverse Autism Burnout For Kids and Adults

Reverse Autism Burnout: The First Step in Calming and Connecting to a Child with Autism The first step in Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention® is to reverse autism burnout. I call this Balance Your Energy Bank Account— for both you and the child in your care. Let’s face it. When we get to the point of … Continued

Autism Awareness Month Guided Spirit Meditation

April has been designated as National Autism Awareness Month. So what does Autism Awareness mean to you? For all of us, Autism Awareness will mean something different. And that’s really how Autism Spiritual Approach evolved. It’s only through tapping into our own inner wisdom that we can discover what autism means in our own lives … Continued