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Autism Awareness Guided Meditation

Children of the Cosmos: Autism The Spiritual Approach

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Children of the Cosmos: Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention® is an easy to use guidebook filled with power tools. When used in conjunction with traditional methods, Autism SAI® is changing borderline outcomes into miraculous results with children on the autism spectrum across the globe.

How to Use the Spiritual
Approach Guidebook

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Spiritual Approach Video Workshop

In this lighthearted 90-minute video, Sandra explains how to use each of the 4 steps in the SAI process. Own the video $42 USD and explore the SAI tools at your own pace and at your convenience. Order the E-book/Video workshop package and your E-book download is free.

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Autism SAI:The Facts

Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention®:


Is a simple to use 4-step process that really works.

Energizes you and the child in your care.

Honors your intuition and your way of doing things.

Calms the challenging behaviors getting in the way of progress and connection.

Lightens your load.

Injects spirit into any mind/body intervention, bringing miraculous results.