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Reverse your autism burnout.

Consistently calm the meltdowns and concerning behaviors.

Feel a closer connection to a child you so desire to reach.

Inject spirit in everything you do in life and in your work with a

child living on the spectrum.

Change your borderline, inconsistent outcomes into miraculous results.

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Autism Spiritual Approach Important Facts

♦ Is designed to be injected into whatever process you are comfortable with now to increase its effectiveness. Spirit is the missing piece.
♦ Honors your intuition, your experience, your gifts, your beliefs.
♦ Supports your own desire to grow in spirit and elevate your consciousness as a professional or as a parent.
♦ Acknowledges the wisdom of each child and embraces him/her as a teacher with an important mission in life.
♦ Was designed knowing that each and every child is different and Autism SAI® provides tools to customize caring loving support
for each unique child.


Children of the Cosmos: Autism The Spiritual Approach

Download the full length E-book NOW $18 USD


Children of the Cosmos: Autism: The Spiritual Approach to Intervention® is an easy to use guidebook filled with power tools. When used in conjunction with traditional methods, Autism SAI® is changing borderline outcomes into miraculous results with children on the autism spectrum across the globe.

How to Use the Spiritual
Approach Guidebook

Watch A Preview of the Autism
Spiritual Approach Power Tool Video

In this lighthearted 90-minute video, Sandra Alexander, the author of Autism:SAI® explains how to apply each of the 4 steps in a way that feels good and brings you miraculous results.

. Own the video $42 USD and pick and try the tools at your own pace and at your own convenience. Order the video as a package and your $18 E-guidebook download is free.

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